Palo Alto Ozunna Library
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This two story facility was completed by our team of professionals in a 10 day period. This job consisted of Furniture moving, Demo existing carpet, Installation of new product. This job was completed for Gomez Floor Covering. We would like to thank Gomez for letting us participate together with them in the completion of this project.
   AT & T
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This project was completed by Rene Reyes with a team of Skilled installers in 2009.
   Fort Sam Houston METC Dorms
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One of three four story buildings at Fort Sam Houston . These projects were three seperate buildings at this San Antonio Army Base that we had the oppurtinity to work on. Each building consisted of Installation of Teckno Floor, Rubber Tile, Rubber Threads, Carpet Tile, and Rubber Base. Project duration was approximatley one year. These buildings were completed by George Rodriguez and Americo Garcia along with specially trained crew for this project.
   North East Baptist
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This project was a brand new four story building completed by Chris Reyes and a team of skilled installers. We had the oppurtunity to work for Argosy Floor Covering on this project. From triage to maternity and surgery rooms this hospital had it all. It was a great experience for our company in 2006.
   The Magic theatre
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This project was completed in 2010 by Wally and Rene Reyes. Our installers were asked to use their skills to create the different pattern layouts throughout the theatre. Located in Downtown San Antonio.
   Fort Sam Primary Health Clinic
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This Project was completed by Chris Reyes and George Rodriguez along with their team of skilled installers. This project was unique requiring 385 bags of self leveler M20 provided by CNC wholesales. With this product we were able to create a level and flawless substrate for the installation of sheet vinyl. This job presented a great challenge because of the extent of work in a short period of time. Together with our team we were able to provide a great looking floor for this San Antonio Army base.
   Tuscany Elementary
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This northside elementary had a creative imagination with a large amount of colors and designs. This school was completed by Rene Reyes and George Rodriguez with a team of skilled installers. We would like the extend thanks to Argosy Floor Covering for the oppurtunity to work together with them in the completion of this project for Bartlettcocke Cons.
   Career Point Institute
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40,000 of vct was laid in a 2 1/2 week time frame just in time for the building to turned over to the owner. This job consited of major demolition, extensive floor prep, and an excelerated time frame. This job put us to the test. We were able complete this job with zero punch. The end result was the best part of this job. Quality, Presision and a Happy Customer. Thanks to Gourmet floors for the oppurtunity to work on this project.
   Hard Rock Cafe Downtown San Antonio
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Our craftsmanship was put to the test on this project. With an extreme deadline we knew a round the clock installation was necessary, Reyes was able to pull this off in time for their Re grand opening.
   University Hospital
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As a growing company, we are pleased to have provided services to the following accredited facilities:


  • St. Phillips College San Antonio TX
  • U.T.S.A. College San Antonio TX
  • Palo Alto College San Antonio TX
  • The University of The Incarnate Word
  • University of the United Methodist Church
  • University of Texas Health Science Center
  • San Antonio College
  • Lakeview College San Antonio TX
  • St. Mary's University San Antonio TX
  • Boerne Champion High School
  • John Paul Stevens High School
  • Brady High School
  • Roosevelt High School

    Medical & Healthcare

  • North East Babtist Hospital
  • Methodist Children's NICU
  • South West General NICU
  • Floresville Memorial Hospital
  • V.A. Hospital
  • Metropolitan Methodist Hosptial
  • South East Babtist Hospital
  • Santa Rosa Childrens Hospital
  • University Hospital
  • Innova Medical Group
  • Morningside Manor Senior Care
  • Methodist Plaza
  • Metropolitan Methodist MOB


  • AT&T San Antonio TX,
  • U.S.A.A. San Antonio TX,
  • Microsoft San Antonio TX,
  • Valero Data Center San Antonio TX,
  • Valerlero Head Quarters San Antonio TX,
  • Westin Center San Antonio Tx,
  • C.P.S. Energy San Antonio TX,
  • S.A.W.S. San Antonio TX,
  • AT&T Corpus Cristi TX,
  • Time Warner San Antonio TX,
  • San Antonio Express News
  • Concord Plaza San Antonio TX,
  • Frost Bank Downtown San Antonio TX,
  • The Tower of Life San Antonio TX,

    Federal Government

  • Goodfellow A.F.B.
  • Randolph A.F.B.
  • Lackland A.F.B.
  • Kelly A.F.B.
  • Randolph A.F.B.
  • Fortsam Houston METC Dorms
  • Air Force Village
  • Army Residence
  • Southwest Research Center
  • San Antonio International Airport
  • Bexar County Court House
  • Bexar County Jail
  • Bexar County Juvenile


  • Alamo Dome        
  • Sea World of Texas
  • Fiesta Texas        
  • San Antonio Zoo
  • Silverado 16 theartre
  • The shops at La Cantera
  • Dillard's              
  • Foley's             
  • Old Navy             
  • HEB              
  • Target               
  • Best Buy